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Kuwait's new electricity, water tariffs aims at rationalization - MEW
April 23, 2017, 8:52 am

The Ministry of Electricity and Water's (MEW) new tariffs, due on May 22, aim at encouraging consumption rationalization not "collecting more duties," MEW's Undersecretary Mohammad Bushehri said Saturday.

Bushehri's remarks marked an awareness campaign, launched in cooperation with the Ministry of Information, to rationalize water and electricity use. "The objective of such campaigns is to promote the rationalization culture among consumers," he said in a statement.

He said the campaign would highlight the best means to rationalize consumption which would ease burden on budget. The National Assembly, or parliament, approved on 26 April, 2016, a law that set new water and electricity tariffs. The lawmakers exempted private houses' owners.

The law stated that tariffs would vary on real estate investment sector depending on consumption, which means the more you consume the more you pay. Government and commercial sectors will be charged 25 fils (1,000 fils equals one Kuwaiti Dinars), for every Kilowatt, while paying four KD for every 1,000 imperial water gallons.

The industrial and agricultural sectors will be charged 10 fils for every kilowatt, and KD 2.5 for 1,000 imperial water gallons.

Source: KUNA

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