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Kuwait said to offer Bedoons Comoros citizenship
May 20, 2014, 1:33 pm

Kuwaiti Bedoons may soon be offered citizenship in the African nation of Comoros under a similar deal struck by the UAE, a local daily reported

Gulf countries have been for years discussing how to deal with thousands of stateless residents in their borders, most of whom are Arabs and have lived in the same country most of their lives but do not have documentation.

Kuwait’s Assistant Undersecretary for Citizenship and Passports Affairs Major General Sheikh Mazen Al Jarrah Al Sabah hinted recently that the government was close to signing a deal with an Arab country to provide citizenship to its Bedoons.

It is believed the country is Comoros, which already has an arrangement with the UAE.

The oil rich state would give Comoros – one of the world’s poorest nations –economic benefits in return for the citizenships.

Kuwait Times reported that the agreement did not involve deporting Bedoons to the African country, and they would be allowed to live legally in Kuwait. However, Comoros would be obliged to accept all Bedoons as their nationals, including accepting them if they were deported from Kuwait, for example if they committed a crime.

The newspaper said if the agreement was confirmed, 1900 people who have been registered as Bedoons since before 1985 would be the first to be offered Comoros citizenship.

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