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Kuwait says expat teachers' allowance cut a decision to be respected
October 27, 2016, 1:47 pm

Kuwait’s decision to cut the rent allowance of expat teachers is a sovereign decision which needs to be respected, according to social affairs minister Hind Al-Subaih. The official said the ministry is ready to discuss the issue during the up-coming Arab labour ministers’ meeting and said all communities in Kuwait “come from brotherly and sisterly countries,” reported KUNA state news agency.

“We are ready to explain Kuwait’s point of view,” she told reporters on the side-lines of a ceremony held to celebrate Armenian National Day. Al-Subaih explained that expat teachers’ contracts do not include a specific figure for rent allowance.

The Central Statistical Commission (CSC) revealed its decision to cut expat teachers’ rent allowance from KD150 to KD60 starting mid-October. It justified the action as part of the government’s strategy to cut state expenditure.

Foreign teachers urged their embassies in Kuwait to intervene and alleged the lowest rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Kuwait is KD250.

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