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Kuwait seeks Interpol help over 'seditious' video tape
April 19, 2015, 4:36 pm

Kuwait has requested Interpol (the International Criminal Police Organisation) issue a global warrant for the arrest of a citizen accused of creating a seditious video tape, according to a local daily. Hamad Al Haroun allegedly recorded MPs discussing an alleged plot to overthrow the Gulf state’s leaders.

The tape came to prominence early 2014 when Al Watan and Alam Al Youm newspapers reported about its existence. The government suspended both newspapers and later cancelled the business licence of Al Watan, while also revoking the citizenship of its publisher.

Al Haroun allegedly fled the country in late March via the Al Nuwaiseeb border, with the help of three civilian border staff, including one who was a relative of his travelling companion, the local daily reported. Employees who were on duty at the time Al Haroun crossed the border have been charged with negligence, the online newspaper said.

He had earlier left the country for fear of being prosecuted but returned earlier this year after authorities assured him he would not be charged and a travel ban would be lifted. However, the promises were not followed through, the local daily reported. He also is reportedly wanted by Jordanian authorities for alleged involvement in a financial scandal.

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