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Kuwait seeks details about woman’s arrest in US
March 9, 2015, 1:45 pm

 Kuwait is seeking more information about a Kuwaiti woman who had been reportedly arrested in the US on money-laundering charges.

“The competent Kuwaiti authorities have requested from the US authorities details about the investigation of the Kuwaiti woman by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI),” sources said, Kuwaiti daily Al Rai reported on Sunday. “The Kuwaiti foreign ministry has also contacted the US State Department over the issue,” the sources added.

The woman who was not named was arrested last week at Washington Dulles International Airport as she was about to board a plane heading to Kuwait.

She had worked at Kuwait’s health office in the US capital until December and was among the employees referred by the health minister Ali Al Obaidi to the public prosecution for alleged fund-squandering, forgery and financial and administrative irregularities, the daily added. The minister based his decision on a report prepared by a legal and financial team he had sent to the US to look into the situation of the health office following a string of complaints from Kuwaiti citizens receiving medical treatment in the US.

The sources said that the woman no longer had lost her diplomatic immunity and that she was arrested on charges of making suspicious money transfers.

She is expected to appear before a court in the US this week.

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