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Kuwait ship, boat collision kills 13
December 16, 2014, 8:46 am

Egypt has ordered an investigation into an accident in which a Kuwaiti container ship and a fishing vessel collided in the Red Sea in an incident that killed 13 Egyptians.

A statement from the prosecutor’s office said initial enquiries showed the fishing boat capsized after it and the Kuwaiti ship hit each other after the latter has passed through the Suez Canal. The collision is at least the second such recent incident involving vessels passing through the Suez Canal.

In September, two container ships collided at the northern end of the canal, knocking containers into the sea and delaying traffic in both directions. The prosecutor did not name the ship or the company operating it, but judicial sources said it was Kuwaiti-owned and Panamanian-flagged. It was sailing from Italy to Saudi Arabia, the sources said.

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