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Kuwait strives to set up pre-plans for crises management in Kuwait, region - KISR
August 23, 2016, 1:31 pm

Director General of Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) Dr. Samira Omar said on Tuesday that the Institute is working on setting up pre-plans for crises management in Kuwait and the region through its risk prediction facilities for natural and man-made disasters.

Dr. Omar said in a statement that the Institute seeks to develop its programs and facilities for predicting the risk of disasters and to respond to any emergency that may affect Kuwait and the region.  She stressed that the Institute, and as part of its plans in this regard, looks into ways of future cooperation and exchange of experiences and information with the Kuwait-based Gulf Emergency Management Institute to rapidly respond to emergencies and disasters.

 She explained that a delegation from the Gulf Emergency Management Institute had visited KISR recently to take advantage of its research facilities and access to the latest technologies including its geographic data base, remote sensing, Kuwaiti national network for monitoring earthquakes and early warning systems to radiation

She added that the Institute's facilities also include the national network of climate information, laboratories and facilities for air pollution control, coasts and seas monitoring utilities and analytical services provided by advanced laboratories in KISR.

She stressed that the Institute bears the responsibility to develop the capacity and human resources of the national cader that contribute to supporting research and development of system solutions to cope with crises and disasters in Kuwait and the region, pointing out that the Institute strives to apply its strategic plans in support of the decision-maker for the management of environmental disasters.

Source: KUNA

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