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Kuwait suspends citizenship for spouses
August 26, 2013, 11:09 am

Authorities in Kuwait have suspended the issuing of nationality certificates to the spouses of its citizens, a source told Arab Times.

The General Department for Nationality and Passports will only make exception for those who qualify for passports and special privileges, a high level security source told the newspaper.

It said that the decision had been taken as a result of the deteriorating security situation in other Arab countries. Egypt has seen near daily violence since the ouster of Muslim Brotherhood president Mohammed Morsi in early July, while Syria is in the midst of a bloody, two-year long civil war.

The source said that the department would now submit an alternative plan to Interior Minister Sheikh Mohammed Al Khalid, which could include proposals to grant some spouses Kuwaiti passports.

The report stated that the department is also studying the possibility of naturalising bidoon, or stateless, spouses of Kuwaiti nationals.

Oil-rich Kuwait actively seeking to rebalance its population of 3.8m, of which about two-thirds are foreigners.

The Kuwaiti Ministry of Social Affairs has announced it plans to cut expat numbers by 100,000 each of the next ten years.

It has also segregated medical care between nationals and foreigners, and has begun deporting overseas workers for traffic violations and other minor felonies.

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