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Kuwait to commence initial steps for railway system soon - Official
November 13, 2014, 8:50 am

Kuwait will commence initial steps to embark on the national railway system as part of a plan to make the system fully operational by late 2018, said a Kuwaiti official here Wednesday.

On the sideline of a workshop regarding the GCC railway project, Kuwait's Ministry of Communications Executive Abdulhadi Al-Marri told KUNA that the Kuwaiti national railway system will be connected to the overall GCC railway project which would aim at improving transportation in the region.

The GCC countries, including Kuwait, are vigorously working on measures to bring the railway project to life as part of a regional plan set by the Gulf leaders, said Al-Marri, noting that the project was well ahead planning wise especially with the standard specifications being approved in 2012.

The GCC railway system will connect several cities in the region with the proposed starting and ending points being Kuwaiti City and Muscat. The railway system will cover a distance of 2,117 kilometers. The system will be used to transport people as well as transferring goods and it would have several economic, commercial, and social benefits.

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