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Kuwait to consider banning expats from public sector jobs
October 30, 2016, 12:40 pm

In line with a pending special report on changes to Kuwait’s demographic structure, officials are considering halting the recruitment of expats in the public sector with the exception of those whose special experience means they cannot by replaced by nationals.

Sources at the Supreme Planning Council’s secretariat general said the number of Kuwaitis is continuously decreasing due to the growing percentage of expats in the country, the Al-Rai newspaper reported.

The report, which includes 12 recommendations, also highlighted the building of 'labour cities' to control the number of expats entering and exiting Kuwait. Security authorities would reportedly be able to better monitor foreigners’ actions once they are confined to specified locations, sources added. Six locations have so far been suggested for the cities, of which two have already been built.

Most of the recommendations in the report revolve around the reduction of expat workers and recruiting only those who can benefit Kuwait. Sources at the council also called for stricter measures to resolve relevant issues such as travel bans and immediate deportation procedures. They added the 2018/2019 development plan includes new policies on investment returns and increased job opportunities for citizens.

Source: Arabian Business

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