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Kuwait to implement projects of environmental impact - Minister
November 10, 2014, 8:29 am
Minister of Oil and Minister of State for National Assembly Affairs Dr. Ali Al-Omair

Kuwait's Minister of Oil and Minister of State for National Assembly Affairs Dr. Ali Al-Omair said Sunday that his country is to implement a number of projects in the forthcoming period that have environmental impact.

The State of Kuwait is committed to conduct feasibility studies on environmental impact before implementing any developmental project and link outcomes of these studies with approval of projects, Al-Omair affirmed to KUNA after taking part in the 26th session of the Arab ministers responsible for the environment, currently being held here.

The Kuwaiti environmental law is one of the best achieved laws and a significant landmark in the Kuwaiti legislative field, the Minister Al-Omair noted, adding that all official bodies in Kuwait will be subjected to the requirements mentioned in the country's environmental law, taking into consideration balance among these bodies in a way that would not negatively affect the environment.

Several articles of the environmental law have been currently implemented, he said, indicating that other articles in the law need an executive regulation which organizes the work of all bodies concerned with implementing the law.

On prospective amendments on special international protocols regarding climate, he said Kuwait supports any effort that serves Arab nation's interests.

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