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Kuwait to probe 3 gov't corruption allegations
March 11, 2015, 8:50 am

A Kuwaiti parliamentary committee has reportedly launched investigations into three separate alleged cases of government corruption, including the controversial $2.2bn payment to US giant Dow Chemicals in 2012, Kuwait Times reported.

The committee will probe the government’s partial financing of a private firm called Advantage Consulting as well as alleged financial corruption surrounding the Gulf Football Cup held in Kuwait in 2003.

The parliament already has run multiple investigations into the Dow Chemicals deal, questioning why the government paid $2.2bn in compensation after state-owned Petrochemical Industries Co (PIC) pulled out of $17.4bn petrochemical venture in December 2008, citing the deteriorating global economy.

The heads of all eight subsidiaries of Kuwait Petroleum Corp (KPC) also were sacked over the failed deal. Three were later reinstated after successful court appeals.

It has never reached a decisive conclusion to why Kuwait rushed to pay the massive fine.

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