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Kuwait to reveal increased electricity and water fees within weeks
November 8, 2016, 3:18 pm

Kuwait’s increased electricity and water tariffs will be revealed within weeks, according to the Ministry of Electricity and Water. The Gulf state’s parliament passed a bill in April 2016 which allows the government to raise power and water charges on expat residents and businesses, exempting national citizens. The rates will be publicised before the law goes into effect on 22 May, 2017, Minister Ahmad Al Jassar said, according to Kuwait Times.

They will see power charges in apartment buildings rise from 2 fils per kilowatt hour to 15 fils and from 2 fils to 25 fils in commercial buildings. Water prices will more than double.

Al Jasser earlier said the government was paying around $9 billion annually on power and water production. He said the number would rise to $25 billion if action was not taken.

While MPs had earlier rejected the hikes, they later approved them after citizens were exempted. The new rates will mark the first time in 50 years that oil-rich Kuwait has raised its utility fees.

Source: Arabian Business

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