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Kuwait to save $10 billion if new pay scale endorsed
May 29, 2015, 10:03 am

State Minister for Cabinet Affairs Sheikh Mohammad Al- Abdullah said Kuwait will save $10 billion if the strategic alternative to the salary scale is implemented, indicating the proposal is still under review and consultations are ongoing to arrive at a decision pleasing to all concerned parties, reports a local daily.

Sheikh Al-Abdullah disclosed this during a symposium organized by the Code Movement in Salam Area recently with the attendance of several ministers and State officials. He affirmed the government will not approve the proposal until the authentic data are available to have a clearer picture. He said the government expenditures should be reduced, so the strategic alternative is the best way out of the logjam.

Responding to questions about the alleged 50 percent raise in salaries once the strategic alternative is implemented, Sheikh Al-Abdullah explained inflation will shoot up if salaries are increased by 50 percent. He revealed the government is trying to prevent such occurrence through the strategic alternative. He added the government is looking into the possibility of including the oil sector in the strategic alternative but consultations are still ongoing in this regard.


Director for Citizens Service and Public Relations at the Civil Service Commission (CSC) Jassem Al-Ruwaes has announced that the 51st edition of the government employment registration programs will start early morning this Friday and conclude on the night of June 12, indicating the registration for jobs will be done through telephone number 133, reports a local daily.

Meanwhile, Minister of Social Affairs and Labor and Minister of State for Planning and Development Affairs Hind Al-Sabeeh revealed the annual development projects approved by the Council of Ministers and Supreme Planning Council will cost KD4.6 billion and will cover 274 projects.

The minister revealed the private sector will participate in the implementation of the projects as an integral partner in the development plan. She said the plan for fiscal 2016/2017 includes 80 percent of the second phase of the developmental goals and policies. She said this accounts for about 76 percent of the total developmental plan and 137 policies that represent 40 percent of the total developmental policies.

She indicated that over 57 government agencies out of the entire 79 agencies, 72 percent of the total number agencies, will participate in the development projects. She said the government will generate 7,000 job opportunities in the private sector this year to avoid over employment in the government sector. She added that the government will distribute 3,237 landed properties to 34 percent of the new applicants.

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