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Kuwait to set up squad to enforce court orders
March 23, 2014, 4:09 pm

Kuwait is to establish a special security squad to enforce court verdicts in criminal cases that have been ignored, allowing offenders to remain free.

The squad to be tasked with apprehending around 12,000 people who had failed to implement the judicial rulings will be soon established by the interior minister, local daily Al Watan reported on Sunday.

The 250 members of the squad will be drawn from several security departments, including the Special Forces and Public Order and will include women, the report added. They will be supported by light and heavy equipment.

The squad establishment initiative is expected to help boost the integrity of court decisions through the full application of the judges’ decisions and the preservation of people’s rights, officers agreed as they met to discuss the minister’s call to set up the special security squad.

In its initial stages, the squad will be made up of professional staff from several security sectors, they said.

Kuwaiti authorities have been urgently pushing for concrete action against people who have failed to pay electricity and water bills or ignored to pay traffic fines.

One of the strongest measures has been to impose a ban on their travel abroad, forcing them to pay up their dues before being able to board a plane or drive through a terrestrial border post.


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