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Kuwait to start crackdown on massage parlors
February 4, 2016, 9:12 am

Following the success of the campaigns launched by Kuwait Municipality against closed cabins in cafés, a member of Municipal Council Mane’ Al-Ajmi has demanded closing massage parlours that are proven to spread vice in the society.

He stressed the need to deport expatriates who promote immorality in the Kuwaiti society, and ensure they can never return to the country.

Al-Ajmi requested concerned government agencies to monitor the massage parlours through social media particularly Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat as well as those who promote themselves under the name of ‘Secret Massage’.

Meanwhile, Head of an emergency team from Capital Municipality Tariq Al-Qattan affirmed that 90 percent of the workers in health institutes and massage centers are domestic helpers. He said the Municipality has the right to close any institute that engages in immoral and indecent acts, revealing that 65 percent of the visitors to these institutes are younger than 18 years old.

Source: Arab Times

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