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Kuwait urges further int'l coop. for funds recovery, extradition
November 19, 2016, 8:19 am

The State of Kuwait on Friday reiterated the importance of further international cooperation in criminal matters, especially recovering of funds and extradition.

This is essential to counter all cross-border crimes, Second Secretary at Kuwait embassy in Vienna Nawaf Al-Rujaib told the 5th Expert Meeting on International Cooperation against corruption.

Sessions of the fifth meeting were chaired by Kuwaiti Ambassador to Austria and Delegate to the UN organizations Sadeq Marafi.

Kuwait encourages employing the UN Convention against Corruption (UNCAC) as a legal basis for this cooperation, to be enhanced through bilateral agreements, Al-Rujaib said, referring to the "flexible approach" the country adopts toward the issue of dual criminality regarding extradition and legal assistance.

He pointed to Decree Law 47/2006 Kuwait issued approving the UNCAC. The first article of the decree considers the UNCAC the legal basis for cooperation on extradition, with all the states parties to the convention, in line with Article 44 of the latter, he said.

For implementing this effectively on the international scene, Kuwait has concluded several bilateral pacts on mutual legal assistance in criminal matters and extradition, Al-Rujaib said.

He added that the Kuwaiti Public Prosecution has recently issued a guidebook on the international cooperation in criminal matters. In addition, Kuwait has issued a host of national legislations in line with the relevant international conventions, especially the UNCAC.

Moreover, the Kuwaiti Ministry of Justice has formed a specialised committee to prepare a draft bill for the 'international legal and judiciary cooperation in criminal matters, he concluded. 

Source: KUNA

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