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Kuwait warns foreigners against unruly behavior
February 1, 2017, 5:02 pm

Kuwait’s interior ministry has warned unruly foreigners celebrating their team’s victory would face strict legal responses, including deportation. “The ministry will take the prescribed measures towards any foreigner who breaks the law by taking part in public celebrations following matches, stalling movements, transgressing morals or causing traffic congestion,” the ministry said in its warning.

“All legal measures will be taken against violators, including deportation. The Traffic Law clearly stipulates that vehicles should not take part in processions or in gatherings except in accordance with the legal provisions and following permission from the General Directorate of Traffic. The processions are not allowed if they cause disturbances to others, especially at night.”

The ministry urged all foreigners to exercise the highest levels of cooperation in protecting lives and property. The warning was issued hours before the start of the much-anticipated football match between Egypt and Burkina Faso for a place in the African Cup finals in Gabon.

Kuwait’s streets and roads on Sunday evening were flooded with football-crazy Egyptians celebrating with great fanfare the victory of their national team over Morocco and their qualification for the semi-finals. Egyptians make up the largest Arab community in Kuwait.

Kuwait applies a zero-tolerance policy regarding the involvement of foreigners in public processions, rallies or street brawls that invariably results in deporting those found guilty of breaking the public order or traffic laws.

Source: Gulf News

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