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Kuwait warns of Ebola outbreak, urges peoples to combat it
October 12, 2014, 8:55 am
Hiyam Khaled Al-Fassam, of Kuwaiti Mission to the UN

Kuwait has warned that Ebola virus did not only represent a health crisis but it has wide-scale effects on peace, security, social and economic conditions worldwide.

Hiyam Khaled Al-Fassam, of Kuwaiti Mission to the UN, thanked the president of the UN General Assembly for launching an initiative to hold a meeting on the crisis of Ebola outbreak.

"Holding such meeting to discuss the latest developments relating to the spread of Ebola virus will not meet the growing needs of the countries affected greatly by the virus such as Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea," she said.

She called for doubling of efforts and increasing of logistic assistances to support and provide necessary medical equipment to those countries.

The Kuwaiti diplomat also called for providing donation to the concerned agencies across the globe such as the World Health Organization (WHO) to support the countries in distress.

She recalled that the State of Kuwait contributed USD five million to WHO to help the vulnerable governments face the disease.

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