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Kuwait weather cloudy with chance of rain
December 23, 2015, 3:51 pm

Kuwait now and in the coming 48 hours is witnessing clouds, expected to be accompanied by rain, due to the prevailing Sudanese low pressure, said Sami Al-Othman, the acting director of the meteorology station. Al-Othman told KUNA that the clouds and rain chances are forecast to recede as of Friday, with predictions the weather will clear up on Saturday.

Today's weather is partially cloudy with rain chances, accompanied by northwesterly winds and northerly light winds, speed of which to range between 12-40 km/h. Highest heat forecast stands at 15-17 degrees. There are also forecast chances of rain during night time, while the lowest temperature is forecast at 8-11 degrees.

As to conditions at the sea, there will be light to moderate waves, 6-2 feet. On Thursday, the weather will turn cloudier, coupled with torrential rain. It will be moderately cold during the day hours, with maximum temperature at 13-15 degrees. On Friday, the heat will be maximum in the range of 16-18 degrees and 6-8 minimum. On Saturday, it will be sunny, with light to moderate northwesterly winds. Maximum heat forecast at 17-19 degrees, minimum at 5-8 degrees. 

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