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Kuwait witnessed over 4-degree quakes - official
April 7, 2015, 8:42 am

Although Kuwait is located outside the line of fire, yet it had seen many earthquakes over four degrees during the past decades, leading it to establish an earthquake monitoring system in 1997, said a scientific official.

The system was launched by Kuwait's Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) to record any earthquake occurring in countries near Kuwait or in other continents, said KISR Director General Naji Al-Mutairi, on sidelines of the 9th GCC earthquake forum, held at the institute headquarters on Monday.

KISR is continuously working on developing programs to protect Kuwait against possible earthquakes, by studying ability of different facilities to withstand tremors, effects and aftermath of the quakes, he noted.

The institute launched a thorough program in 2010 on management of environmental crises and natural disasters, set to continue until 2030, said Al-Mutairi.

The program depends on latest technology and well qualified and experienced personnel in the field of evaluating hazards of natural disasters and using information technology, he added.

Meanwhile, the official also noted that Kuwait is cooperating on a regional and international level in the earthquake field, through conducting joint researches, organizing workshops and holding forums.

KISR GCC forum is held with the participation of experts from the Gulf region as well as international specialists in the field, and is set to conclude next Thursday.

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