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Kuwait witnesses onset of 'rutab' season
August 8, 2014, 8:57 am

Kuwait currently witnesses onset of the "rutab season," the palm trees' fruits now colored in yellow, green, brown and red.

Kuwait's public locations, roads, main streets and residential neighborhoods are decorated with the fruitful palm trees these days, when the green dates start to ripen at the peak of the hot summer.

Natives boast of their crop at the "diwaniahs," offering guests harvest of the their palm trees, with plates on the tables filled with "al-saamaran," "Khlas," and "Berhi," the highly sugar enriched small fruits, a special mark of the life in Kuwait and other regional countries.

"Diwaniahs" are special separate spacious chambers at the Kuwaitis' houses for reception and accommodation of guests and social gatherings, a distinctive feature of the natives' life-style.

Many Kuwaitis plant palms in their residences' courtyards, beautifying the location, providing shade and the beneficial fruits, known rich in more than 40 minerals and vitamins.

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