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Kuwaiti, Malaysian Airlines planes in near collision
April 7, 2015, 11:47 am

A Kuwait Airways plane was involved in a near collision over Pakistan on Sunday. The Kuwaiti aircraft was travelling to Islamabad when it narrowly missed a Malaysian Airlines plane heading to London, officials from Pakistan’s Civil Aviation Authority reportedly said.

The incident occurred over the Zhob district of Baluchistan in southwestern Pakistan due to weak air traffic control radar signals, the authority said.

Kuwait Airways did not comment on the incident. The near-miss follows a similar incident between Emirates and Etihad aircraft over the Indian Ocean on March 29.

Emirates flight EK-706 was flying to its base in Dubai from Seychelles, while Etihad flight EY-622 was enroute to Seychelles from Abu Dhabi.

The UAE airlines were operating to Seychelles using Mumbai and Muscat airspace due to the closure of Yemeni airspace in the wake of the ongoing conflict in the region.

Indian civil aviation authorities are investigating the incident.

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