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Kuwaiti DAESH suspect makes shocking revelations
July 10, 2016, 8:16 am
Ali Mohammad Omar

The Kuwaiti citizen Ali Omar a.k.a. Abu Turab who was detained along with his mother for their affiliation to the DAESH terrorist organization made some shocking revelations during interrogations, reports Aljarida daily.

According to high-level security sources, the suspect revealed that the DAESH terrorist organization shares good relations with the Syrian regime and the Iranian intelligence and that he had personally attended coordination meetings with parties representing the Damascus regime and Tehran intelligence.

Describing the suspect as a “precious catch”, the sources said he divulged the names of field commanders of the DAESH organization, their nationalities, their tasks and their contacts with some intelligence services.

They revealed that his mother, identified as Hessa Mohammad, also provided significant intelligence information which surprised the commanders of the international coalition against DAESH of which Kuwait is considered as one of the most prominent members.

The sources explained that Abu Turab elaborated about how the organization smuggle and sell Syrian and Iraqi oil on the black market to regional countries and world traders, which, according to his confession, led to the decline in the oil prices. He also provided the names of those involved in such a trade.


The suspect also disclosed that there are nearly 100 Kuwaitis and Bedoun residents of Kuwait fighting with DAESH in Syria and Iraq. However, he denied knowing their names because they are referred to by their nicknames. These citizens as well as the Bedoun residents who hold Article 17 passports had left Kuwait under the pretext of performing Umra or for studies or tourism purposes in Turkey.

None of the Kuwaiti women except his mother returned with him. The suspect affirmed that the leaders of the DAESH organization in Syria are Iraqis, while most of its members are from Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria, adding that there are a number of Saudis and foreigners as well.

He revealed that he did not meet the “Emir” (Leader) of the organization Abu Bakr al- Baghdadi or his deputy, adding that he could not even request meeting with them. Abu Turab also revealed that he was chosen as the oil administrator due to his academic qualifications and fluency in language.

Meanwhile, the Al-Jassar family has issued an official statement regarding the terrorist cell that was recently busted by Ministry of Interior. It denied the news circulating on social media concerning the affiliation of one of the suspects to the Al-Jassar family, reports Al-Anba daily.


It was mentioned in the statement that the history of Kuwait boasts of integrity and credibility of families, and loyalty and love for Kuwait. The family reserves the full right to sue those who tarnish its reputation. In the same context, the family of the Kuwaiti suspect Abdullah Al-Mubarak denounced the move taken by Ministry of Interior to publish a photo of one of the sons of the family as one of the members of the terrorist cell in the media. It considered such a step as defamatory to the son.

In a statement, the family clarified that there are two separate issues, and their son has no relationship whatsoever with the traitors in the terrorist cell. Last week, lawmakers praised the security authorities for foiling the terrorist plot and arresting several individuals suspected of involvement in this plot. The lawmakers also confirmed that the National Assembly will continue supporting the securitymen in their efforts to protect the country.

Parliament Speaker Marzouq Al-Ghanim lauded the efforts of the security forces under the leadership of Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Sheikh Mohammad Al-Khalid Al-Sabah right after the announcement on thwarting a terrorist plot aimed at destabilizing the country.

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