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Kuwaiti Experts Urge Support For Woman Political Empowerment
July 17, 2013, 2:52 pm
Kuwaiti academics and journalists on Monday attributed the low number of women candidates for the National Assembly elections to the lack of support and encouragement from the civil society institutions. The fact that only eight females stand for the July 27 parliamentary elections showed the lack of experience and lack of support from the NGOs particularly the women societies, the academics and journalists argued in separate statements to KUNA.
“Kuwaiti women regained their political rights just eight years ago; this time-span is too short for them to compete with males who have 50 years of experience,” Dr Abdulhameed Al-Sarraf, professor of political science at Kuwait University, opined.
“Though some female politicians are better qualified to run elections and have more winning chances than males, they favored to quit the race due to lack of support from the civil society,” he explained.
The females face difficulties in forming electoral alliances with political blocs mainly controlled by males, Dr Al-Sarraf said, noting that the support particularly from female societies could play a decisive role in the electoral race.
He added that the female societies have so far no influence in lobbying for female candidates and woman political empowerment.
Besides, the social traditions discourage females from contesting the elections and exercising their political rights, he added.
Meanwhile, Hussein Abdulrahman, a journalist, said the short span of electoral campaigning is favorable only to the candidates who have large grassroots.
“The candidates with large number of supporters on the grassroots level need no time to prepare for the elections campaign. Females are usually lacking in this point and don’t have enough time to work out their platforms and sell them to voters,” he pointed out.
Abdulrahman called on the civil society institutions to encourage women participation in the political arena.
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