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Kuwaiti MP calls for appointing women as governors
April 9, 2015, 8:48 am

A Kuwaiti lawmaker has called for drawing up plans to appoint women as governors. “Women possess a special capability to appreciate the needs of areas and regions, to improve services and to impose order,” Nabeel Al Fadhl said. “They can be initially appointed as heads in some of the neighbourhood districts and eventually as governors,” he said in remarks carried by local daily on Tuesday.

Currently, the position of governor is mainly ceremonial and does not have an efficient role in development, he added. Kuwait is divided into six governorates.

“I do trust the capability of women in making serious changes and in achieving success. We have numerous examples around us and we can all see how they succeeded as lawmakers in parliament, as municipal councillors and as ministers,” he said.

According to Al Fadhl, women can be first appointed in charge of neighbourhood districts where they will prove their aptitudes.

“There are more than 60 districts and women should be given a chance to run some of them. They have special qualities in assessing situations and we all know that education figures point to the success of women over men both in learning and in practice,” he said.

The lawmaker said that Kuwaiti women have had impressive contributions to culture and arts.

“Even during the invasion of Kuwait by the Iraqi army in 1990, they were brave and courageously rejected the occupation of their country,” he said.

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