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Kuwaiti MP calls for probe into ‘suspicious’ asset sale by sovereign wealth fund
January 20, 2016, 12:54 pm

The head of Kuwait’s National Assembly’s public funds protection committee has claimed that the Kuwait Investment Authority (KIA) has refused to cooperate with its investigation into the allegedly suspicious sale of one of its assets.

It is reported that MP Abdullah Al Turaiji said the committee met on Monday to investigate the sale of one of KIA’s real estate assets which it believes "serves the relatives of the KIA director".

Al Turaiji said it was a series mistake by the KIA to refuse to provide the committee with details or documents related to sale under investigation. Despite the lack of cooperation from the KIA, the lawmaker said the panel has obtained its own evidence in relation to the incident.

KIA manages the Gulf state’s foreign assets, which are currently said to be worth around $600 billion.

Source: AB

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