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Kuwaiti MPs call to ban women from judiciary
December 4, 2014, 8:52 am

A group of five Kuwaiti MPs has proposed banning women from joining the judiciary, using the fact there were no female judges when Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was alive to support their controversial motion, Kuwait Times has reported.

The legal system must be implemented by men according to the principles of Shariah law, the MPs, Humoud Al Hamdan, Abdul Rahman Al Jeeran, Mohammed Tana, Fares Al-Otaibi and Ahmed Muttee, claimed.

“Since the Islamic shariah is the main source of legislation and since the constitution’s explanatory charter holds the parliament responsible for observing shariah regulations, this proposal was made to prevent women from joining the judiciary, which matches shariah regulations,” the proposal says.

The MPs claim that elements of the Kuwaiti law such as women being prohibited to marry without the consent of their father or male relative and the prioritisation of men meant it was contradictory to have female judges.

“Appointing women in the judiciary places legislatives in a lot of contradiction between different laws,” they said.

However, the proposal would be against the constitution, which emphasises gender equality.

There are already female prosecutors in Kuwait but no female judges.

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