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Kuwaiti PM said to support jailed energy minister
October 26, 2015, 2:52 pm

The Kuwaiti prime minister is reportedly expected to reject the resignation of a minister who has been sentenced to jail over a failed electricity shortage emergency plan.

Minister of Electricity and Water Ahmad Al Jassar and 14 senior officials at the ministry were each jailed for two years in a court judgement handed down in late September.

The court also ordered they be dismissed from their positions over a faulty generators scandal in 2007, which was one of the most highly publicised incidents of graft. The officials were given KD20,000 ($66,000) bail to suspend the sentences while they appeal.

Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al Mubarak Al Sabah was convinced Al Jassar was innocent and he would not accept his resignation, Kuwait Times reported on Monday.

Al Jassar was a senior official at the Electricity and Water Ministry when it was asked to study measures to deal with a projected shortfall in power production in the summer.

A local company was awarded a contract to urgently import generators, which were later found to be faulty. The issue cost the government several hundred million dinars, Kuwait Times said. Following an Audit Bureau investigation, the matter was referred to the public prosecutor, who charged the 15 officials.

Source: Arabian Business

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