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Kuwaiti Woman ‘arrested’ in KD 1,000 perfumes, cosmetics theft case
April 16, 2016, 8:33 am

The Salmiya police have taken into custody an unidentified Kuwaiti woman who was wanted by law in connection with the theft of perfumes and cosmetics worth KD 1,000 from cooperative societies.

When the woman was stopped at a checkpoint she claimed that she had forgotten her ID but looked confused. She was taken to the police station to find out the truth and police discovered that she was wanted by law in connection with the theft. It has been reported on the day the theft occurred she bought perfumes and cosmetics and claimed she had forgotten the ATM card in the car.

She then asked the helper of the shop to put the stuff in her car and pretended as if she was looking for the ATM card. She then got behind the wheel and escaped.

Source: Arab Times

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