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Kuwaiti academics explore remains of defunct Islamic emirates
October 11, 2014, 8:04 am

A delegation of Kuwaiti academics is currently visiting Spain to study the nation history namely the defunct Islamic civilization in Andalucia.
Dr. Abdulhadi Al-Ajmi, the head of the expedition, grouping academics from Kuwait University's Faculty of Literature, told KUNA that the visit was part of the practical curriculum for history students.

Speaking at a banquet held at the Kuwaiti embassy, late on Thursday, Dr. Al-Ajmi said Spain was chosen to study the the Roman, Gothic and Islamic civilizations.

The KU history faculty teaches the students a full curriculum about history of Andalucia and the Muslims who had lived there as well as the emirates that had existed during this era, in addition to the European renaissance and geographic discoveries made by the Spaniards in the old times, Dr. Al-Ajmi explained.

The 45-member delegation, including 12 professors and higher studies students, started the adventure in Cordoba, then they went to Madinat Al-Zahraa and later to Seville. They had also visited Grenada, Madrid and Toledo.

The team has posted pictures of the tour on Twitter. The history department will hold in two weeks time a celebration during which results of the exploratory mission will be exposed and a photo gallery will be held on the sidelines to mark the 50--year-old Kuwaiti-Spanish relationships.

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