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Kuwaiti apparatus studies how to make national products competitive
February 11, 2017, 5:29 pm

The competition protection apparatus plans to examine laws that regulate all commercial commercial services and prospects of making national commodities more competitive, said the head of the department.

Naif Al-Lavi said in a statement on Saturday that the apparatus would launch "a new initiative aimed at studying all laws that regulate trade and transactions involving products and commercial services in the country and specify potentials for rendering them competitive." The planned initiative, the third by the apparatus, follows recent meetings with a visiting delegation of the World Bank to provide the department with technical back-up.

Rules deemed obstructive to competition by the national products will be pin pointed and tackled, he indicated, also noting that the concerned personnel would look into possible monopolization cases in the country's various economic sectors.

Some of the fields to be subject to the study are those of transports, mail services, water, retail centers, professional services such as medicine, engineering and law.

The initiative will be in line with the government reform scheme, the five-year development plan encompassed in the state vision ending by 2035, designed to transform Kuwait into a financial magnet and business hub. 

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