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Kuwaiti army officer stabbed to death in Thailand café fight
May 8, 2016, 8:33 am

A Kuwaiti army officer was stabbed to death during a fight in south Pattaya, Thailand where he was vacationing with friends.

The brawl reportedly occurred at a café in the resort city and involved two other men described in the Kuwaiti media as “stateless”, a term that refers to people who live in Kuwait but do not have Kuwaiti citizenship.

Kuwait’s Ambassador to Thailand, Abdullah Al Sharhan, told Kuwait News Agency (Kuna) that the diplomatic mission was “closely monitoring the killing of the citizen in a bloody brawl in the Thai tourist city of Pattaya.”

Another Kuwaiti citizen was also wounded in the quarrel and has received the necessary medical treatment and left the hospital, Al Sharhan added.

According to Kuwaiti reports, the fight took place at dawn in a café, and the victim suffered multiple stab wounds and was rushed to hospital, but died at the medical facility.

A Thai news site reported that at 4am on Saturday, Pattaya Police Deputy Inspector Temtrong Rodsiri received reports of the incident.

Sukrin Khaokokgroad a 26-year-old cashier at the venue, told investigators that there had been a heated argument between men from Kuwait days before the deadly incident, but there had been no violence at that time, Pattayaone reported.

However, following a second altercation, knives were produced and the men fought in front of many witnesses, he said.

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