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Kuwaiti author Mai Al-Naqib showcases her new book before WB
February 7, 2015, 8:15 am
Kuwaiti author Mai Al-Naqib showcases her new book before WB

Kuwaiti author and professor of English literature at Kuwait University Dr. Mai Al-Naqib said that her book titled "The Hidden Light of Objects" deals with historical facts, such as the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, the civil war in Lebanon and the Palestinian issue.

Al-Naqib said after submitting her book in a panel discussion at the World Bank Group building within framework of a literary tour carried out to a number of universities and organizations in the United States that the book's narration of such facts, had made the attendance at the seminar, which was mostly from the Arab community, more interactive with what had been raised.

She reviewed the dimensions of her book from several linguistic or objective aspects which "were centered about memory, especially regarding things that have sentimental meanings or related to certain memories in our lives, thus, making our memories issue the "The Hidden Light of Objects" around us."

Al-Naqib said that she had written her book in English instead of Arabic, saying that "in addition to the fact that English is the first for her because of her studies, the English allows a wider audience to become acquainted with her book", welcoming the idea of translating the book if the attention attached to it has increased.

For her part, Director of External Relations for the Middle East in the World Bank Group Hiba Shamsuddin praised the opportunity given to the public and employees of the group to read the book and the invitation extended by Al-Naqib to announce the World Bank Group's hosting of a series of seminars and lectures from the Middle East to bring in more enthusiasts from that region to the World Bank Group.

Shamsuddin said among the main goals of these series was ro shed more light on the situation in the Middle East and how people live there in addition to the various communities, especially literary ones.

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