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Kuwaiti caught for growing marijuana on roof of house
April 3, 2014, 9:29 am
A Kuwaiti citizen was arrested for growing marijuana on the roof of his father’s house in Jabriya.

A Kuwaiti citizen was arrested for cultivating marijuana plant on the roof of his father’s house in Jabriya area. According to security sources, when the Director of Directorate General for Drug Control (DGDC) Brigadier Saleh Al- Ghannam received information about a Kuwaiti citizen using the roof of his house to grow marijuana, a team was formed for investigations.

After confirming the information and obtaining a warrant from the Public Prosecution, the team raided the house and arrested the Kuwaiti citizen. They checked his details and discovered that he was wanted by law for a number of criminal cases.

They also discovered that his father is a retired official of rank ‘Major General’ who was unaware about his son’s activities on the rooftop of his house. During interrogations, the suspect confessed that he built a wall around the roof and bought all necessary tools for cultivating marijuana. He had imported the seeds of marijuana from Netherlands.

He revealed that he has obtained five kilograms of marijuana from his rooftop farm. He was arrested and referred with the items to the concerned authorities for further investigations. Reportedly, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Sheikh Mohammad Al-Khalid, Undersecretary of Ministry of Interior Lt General Sulaiman Al-Fahad and Assistant Undersecretary for Criminal Security Affairs Major General Abdulhameed Al-Awadi insisted on the arrest of the suspect.

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