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Kuwaiti citizen gets death sentence for killing spouse
February 6, 2017, 8:10 am

The Criminal Court issued a death sentence against a Kuwaiti citizen who is accused of murdering his wife by burning her in Mina Abdullah area. According to the case file, when the Operation Room of Ministry of Interior had received reports about a car on fire in Mina Abdullah area, securitymen, firefighters and paramedics rushed to the scene and managed to rescue a Kuwaiti couple.

However, the husband had just sustained a hand burn, while his wife had sustained severe burns. Both were rushed to the nearest hospital where the wife was admitted in the Intensive Care Unit but she later succumbed to her injuries. According to the fire department’s report, someone had intentionally set the car on fire. This prompted police to interrogate the husband, who eventually confessed to starting the fire by pouring gasoline over the car while his wife was inside it. He also admitted to intentionally burning his hand in order to avoid any suspicions. The suspect revealed that his actions followed a family dispute that erupted between him and his wife.

Meanwhile, the Criminal Court adjourned to February 12 the case related to the murder of a ruling family member, his friend and his housemaid in Salwa area, which was filed against four expatriates who were also accused of stealing money from the deceased.

According to the case file, on that fateful day, the first suspect called the second suspect from the apartment to implement the plan that they had previously worked on. They agreed on the best time to carry out the crime. When the second suspect arrived at the apartment, the first suspect opened the door for him and they both then threatened the victims with handguns. They tied up the victims and then killed them execution style. Before escaping, the two suspects stole KD 276,000 and three guns belonging to the house owner.

Detectives from Hawally Criminal Investigation Department arrested the first suspect in Salwa area while the second suspect was arrested from a hotel in Hawally area as soon as detectives received information about the suspect’s intention to fl ee the country. Both suspects admitted to the crime, and described in detail the way they carried out the crime. They later led the detectives to the location where they had stashed the cash, the weapon they had used, and other weapons they stole from the house owner.

Source: Arab Times

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