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Kuwaiti citizen ‘swindled’ of 1 million Egyptian pounds in Cairo
March 29, 2016, 9:02 am

The Egyptian security authorities have arrested an Egyptian salesman for swindling Kuwaiti and stealing from him one million Egyptian pounds after convincing the man that he has connections in high places and could seek the release of his brother who is in custody of Egyptian police in a drug case.

An Egyptian security source said Abdulrahman MH (27 years old and a Kuwaiti businessman and Ali HQ (27 years old employee working at the Kuwait airport) have filed complaints with the Abdeen Police Station accusing the Egyptian Sultan YS (32 years old salesperson) of receiving the money to help the release of the brother of Abdulrahman after he was caught at the Cairo International Airport for possessing hashish.

Source: Arab Times

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