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Kuwaiti constitution: Guarantor of women’s rights
February 1, 2015, 5:07 pm

The Kuwaiti constitution embraces human rights, especially those for women, said consultant to Women’s Affairs Committee affiliated with the Kuwaiti Cabinet Huda Al-Shaiji yesterday. In remarks to KUNA regarding Kuwait’s human rights record before the UNHRC, she said Kuwait has a Constitutional Court that ensures preservation of the rights of women. In her presentation before the UNHCR, she emphasized that numerous Kuwaiti laws protect Kuwaiti women from domestic violence, and guarantee her rights for divorce, child custody, alimony, and adequate housing.

Moreover, she said the Kuwaiti National Assembly passed recently the Family Law, stipulating, among other things, that special centers be equipped to handle domestic disputes and protect women from possible spousal abuse. She added that a government fund has been set up by the ministry of justice which enforces court rulings for alimony and child support, noting that the Kuwaiti labor law demands equal pay for men and women working in the public sector.

Furthermore, she said she told the UNHCR panel reviewing human rights record for Kuwait that the latter pays strict attention to the welfare of divorced or widowed women by extending monetary assistance to them as well as health care, housing, work, and education. Kuwaiti women, she said, have access to all lines of work including in the judiciary, military, and diplomatic fields, stressing the fact that Kuwait has joined all pertinent international agreements upholding human rights in general but especially women’s rights as well.

The UNHRC human rights review panel endorsed yesterday Kuwait’s presentation of its human rights file, affirming that the Kuwaiti delegation’s briefing to the panel was thorough in documenting the country’s human rights record. 

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