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Kuwaiti delegation explains how government enables women to live well
March 18, 2014, 9:50 am
Kuwaiti delegation headed by Chairperson of Women's Affairs Committee at the Kuwaiti Cabinet Sheikha Latifa Al-Fahad Al-Salem Al-Sabah

The Kuwaiti delegation, headed by Chairperson of Women's Affairs Committee at the Kuwaiti Cabinet Sheikha Latifa Al-Fahad Al-Salem Al-Sabah, has briefed the UN Commission on Status of Women (CSW) about privileges enjoyed by the Kuwaiti female citizens.

The Kuwaiti envoys have informed participants in the CSW 58th Session about women's general status in Kuwait and abundant privileges they enjoy, affirming the State of Kuwait keenness on enabling the females to "have access to production resources." Huda Al-Shayji, the governmental commission fatwaa (edict) and legislation coordinator, spoke at a sideline seminar about advanced status of the Kuwaiti women, recommending gender equality, establishing partnerships, boosting expertise exchange with the member states for enhancing equality between men and women.

Genders' equality must loom high in development and policies and strategies of curbing poverty, Al-Shayji said during the seminar, also noting that both the public and private sectors are responsible for enabling women have access to production resources.

Such an approach can be attained through employment of women and offering assistance to them, the Kuwaiti official said, noting that the State of Kuwait "has used all such means to aid the woman and help her and her family live a dignified life." She called on the UN to set post-2015 development objectives and rally international support for eradicating poverty and attaining sustainable development, in line with the "international partnership approach for realizing development goals for the woman and the girl." Al-Shayji echoed a previous statement by the head of the Kuwaiti delegation, Sheikha Latifa Al-Fahad, stressing on necessity of cooperation among rich and poor nations to launch enterprises for the women.

The Kuwaiti Constitution, she noted, emphasizes social justice, economic development, enhancing living standards and securing citizens' welfare.

In conclusion, the Kuwaiti envoy praised the Kuwaiti laws that do not discriminate between the men and women in various economic and social activities. Moreover, as to the Kuwaiti women privileges, she noted that the laws that prohibit their work at night time and some other jobs that do not match their natural capacities.

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