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Kuwaiti families bring in 30,000 domestic workers annually
August 31, 2014, 8:43 am

While expressing his complete approval of establishing a special authority to bring domestic labor from abroad in order to eliminate the shortcomings of the current demography and limit crimes, MP Kamel Al-Awadhi stressed that both the PM and the interior minister had seconded his proposal to establish a special company answerable to the Interior Ministry to be responsible for bringing domestic labor to the country so that it can protect both workers and sponsors.Awadhi also noted that the annual numbers of domestic laborers entering the country increased to 30,000 to add to the total number of domestic workers to 500,000.

“Though it came late, establishing a special authority for domestic labor is a great step on the right track,” he stressed, justifying the need for such an authority over the need to fight marginal labor and all the negative consequences resulting from their presence, such as their danger on Kuwait’s demography and the spread of crimes.

Awadhi added that domestic labor in Kuwait became an issue for international labor and human right organizations and ILO annually meets to check whether members are committed to international labor agreements.


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