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Kuwaiti helps 11 Saudis get Kuwaiti citizenship for money
May 22, 2016, 9:31 am

 A Kuwaiti citizen was arrested for illegally facilitating the naturalization of 11 Saudi nationals by adding them on his file, reports Al-Rai daily quoting a security source. He explained that investigations carried out by the relevant security authorities including the military intelligence led to the discovery of a Saudi national who was granted Kuwaiti citizenship after he paid a Kuwaiti citizen a large sum of money to be added to the latter’s file.

Acting on this information and armed with a warrant issued by the Public Prosecution, securitymen raided the citizen’s house in Umm Al-Haiman and managed to arrest him even though he tried to resist the arrest and attempted to attack the police with a knife. Initially, the suspect denied the charge but he eventually confessed after he was threatened that he would be subjected to DNA testing.

He explained that he met the Saudi national in 2007 and had added him to his file due to which the latter was granted Kuwaiti citizenship upon submission of fake information and documents. He also gave a proxy to his brother and added ten more Saudi children on his file, under the claim that they were born in Saudi Arabia and had entered Kuwait on travel documents, for which he received a large sum of money.

Securitymen arrested the Saudi national who is working as a military officer at Ministry of Defense. The latter admitted to the act of paying money to the citizen for the Kuwaiti citizenship and taking advantage of all the benefits provided by the government to its citizens.

Reportedly, the Kuwaiti suspect received children allowances which were provided to him by the government for the 10 children added to his file. Except for three persons who are currently overseas, all other suspects, including the two Kuwaiti brothers and the Saudi national, have been referred to the concerned authorities for necessary legal action.

Source: Arab Times

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