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Kuwaiti invents electrical fire-prevention device
April 20, 2015, 5:21 pm
Dr. Bader Al-Enezi, professor of chemical engineering at Kuwait University, has announced the invention of a new device to prevent electrical fires. "The new device is meant to reduce the possibility of fires caused by electrical short circuits in residential areas, marketplaces and plants," Al-Enezi, who is also a researcher at the prestigious US-based Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), said.
He pointed out the device could be installed on any electrical device to detect the overheating in the flow current. "In case of detecting overheating, the device would automatically break the circuit and separate the plug from the socket or the current source to avoid hazards of electrical fires," he explained.

He expressed hopes the relevant government bodies would embrace his low-cost and high-value invention and produce it to be sold to the local market and exported to the whole world. Al-Enezi is a renowned professor, researcher and inventor who has been honored in the United States, Europe and Gulf countries for his 13 outstanding, humanity-serving inventions. 
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