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Kuwaiti keeps hand-made ropes tradition alive
September 8, 2015, 5:33 pm

In an effort to evoke memories of old Kuwait, a senior citizen found his passion in making hand-made ropes used for sailing and traveling. Speaking to KUNA, Ali Saleh Al-Roumi talked about his field of expertise as a skipper, revealing the secrets behind the making of traditional hand-made ropes.

"Al-Kumbar" is a brown rope, basically made of coconut fiber, while "Al-Bayye", a similar kind of rope, is known for its white color which turns brown after being soaked in red tea, said Al-Roumi.

Back in the old days, the process of making ropes usually starts before the sea travel season with people buying material to make these ropes, said Al-Roumi. He added that there were two stages for making ropes; the first starts in collecting and assembling fibers together while the second begins by tying a number of those half-fabricated ropes around each other to form ropes' desired thickness. Some of these thick ropes will be tied around a big wooden box, used by sea or desert travelers to keep personal belongings. Nowadays, the box became a piece of art that is used to decorate houses. 

Source: KUNA

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