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Kuwaiti kills Filipina wife with squash racket
February 20, 2014, 9:54 am

A citizen in a fit of fury killed his Filipina wife with a squash racket in Mahboula on Wednesday, sources said. The man whose details are not available reportedly called the police to inform that his wife had an accident. When the police came to the man's residence in Mahboula they found that the Filipina woman had been dead. The man admitted killing her with a squash racket after the police interrogated about the bruises and marks found on her body.

Filipina women have been targeted and end up as victims in Kuwait in a couple of recent cases. A Filipina woman named Jameela Gonsales in Farwaniya was strangled to death and her body was burned beyond recognition 2 weeks ago. The police immediately arrested the three Indian couples. In another case that shocked many, the criminal court in Kuwait early this week sentenced to death a Kuwaiti couple for killing their Filipina maid by hitting and running over her in the

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