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Kuwaiti official defends deportation of illegal drivers
May 10, 2015, 10:33 am

A Kuwaiti traffic official has defended the deportation of 14 expatriates caught driving without a licence, including an American, a Syrian and six Egyptians. Assistant Undersecretary for Traffic Affairs Major General Abdullah Al Muhanna said the drivers had put others’ lives in danger. “[They] must bear the consequences of their actions,” he told a local daily The deportees include six Egyptian nationals, three Indians and one each of American, Bosnian, Iraqi, Lebanese and Syrian. Kuwaiti traffic authorities have previously defended their tough stance on expat drivers, with hundreds, if not thousands, deported for traffic offences each year.

In May, 2013, the head of Kuwait’s traffic directorate Major General Abdul Fattah Al Ali compared running a red light to premeditated or attempted murder. Defending the country’s arbitrary measures, he said using a private vehicle as a taxi violated labour and residency laws, while driving without a licence was equal to working without a permit. He said citizens also were severely punished for repeat traffic offences, citing the case of a national who was recently jailed for three months.

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