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Kuwaiti official urges need to tackle terrorism on ideological grounds
March 2, 2015, 9:16 am

International Islamic Charity Organisation (ICCO) chief and Kuwait Amiri Diwan Advisor Abdullah Al-Matouq underlined the need to combat terrorist groups through ideological and theological means.

Noting the importance of reexamining educational curricula, Al-Matouq is of the view that any notions that encourage fundamentalist behavior should be swapped for moralistic principles which call for tolerance and cooperation with the other.

In order to tackle terrorism, Islamic nations need to unite their cultural and theological discourse, he told KUNA after attending the 24th General Conference of Egypt's Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs.
The two-day event, which was attended by a number of Islamic nations, ended with a closing statement that underlined the principles of diversity with an objective view of other religions and the rejection of all forms of violence and political score settling in the name of Islam.

Al-Matouq mentioned that amid its recommendations, the event stressed that the killing, burning or torturing of human beings at the hands of individuals, groups or organisations constitutes a departure from the core teachings of Islam.
Another major recommendation, he viewed, was a call for a combined Pan-Islamic state strategy to tackle terrorism.

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