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Kuwaiti picks interest in hunting for lost treasure on local beaches
March 24, 2015, 8:54 am

A Kuwaiti explorer  and coast treasure researcher Abu Essa recently discovered 50 pieces of ear rings, 3 silver rings, 2 gold rings and a mobile phone at Shuwaikh Beach in a metal object he acquired for KD 75 over a year ago, reports a local daily.Abu Essa said he picked interest in searching for treasure on the coast at the dawn of every Saturday since early last summer.

He said the materials are left, misplaced or often forgotten on the coast by beach goers and he usually gathers his collections inside a leather skin he hangs on the neck whenever he is at the beach for leisure.

He explained that his interest in collecting objects developed when he saw an advertisement for the sale of a metal detector in a local daily and he purchased the machine and tried to open it and only found some cables.

Abu Essa said he read about searching for lost objects on beaches and the number of people making fortunes through the hobby in the beginning of last summer. “I face difficulty locating owners of the objects I retrieve- especially expensive items such as bracelets, but the owners of mobile phones are possible to be traced”, he noted, stressing he finds lost phones almost every weekend.

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