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Kuwaiti police officer quizzed over expat abuse
September 29, 2014, 1:24 pm
A policeman is seen hitting an expat made to do pushups in this image taken from a video circulating on social media.

Kuwait interior ministry affirms commitment to ethical attitudes

Kuwait’s interior ministry is quizzing a police officer for abusing his authority by mistreating a foreign resident.

A six-second video clip showing the officer hitting and kicking the expatriate as he was forced to do push-ups went viral on social networks, prompting wide condemnation and a decision by the ministry to launch an investigation into the incident.

“An officer who misused his powers and showed arbitrary excess in dealing with a resident has been referred to the General Directorate of Supervision and Inspection for immediate investigation,” the ministry said on Sunday. “The prescribed measures in this regard will be taken according to the rules and regulations.”

The ministry said that the officer’s behaviour was an isolated case.

“The ministry does not accept or tolerate such abuses and this act is nothing but an individual case. It does not represent the security men and the ministry does not condone it as a way of behaving or working. All the necessary measures will be taken in accordance with the outcome of the investigation.”

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