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Kuwaiti speaker faces legal action over corruption allegations
September 9, 2013, 10:35 am

Kuwait’s parliamentary speaker has accused MPs of accepting bribes to raise specific topics in the parliament, Kuwait Times has reported.

Marzouq Al Ghanim inferred the corrupt members were women by using the female proverb to refer to them, narrowing down the suspects to only two.

That has led female MP Safa Al Hashem to reveal she plans to file a lawsuit against Al Ghanim on Sunday ordering him to clarify his statement after he refused to respond to a 72-hour deadline she imposed last week.

Accusing Al Ghanim of libel, Al Hashem said the Speaker’s accusations were “unacceptable” and set him up for “a questionable beginning regarding his relationship with fellow lawmakers”.

She also made her own corruption allegations, accusing the government, which consists of members appointed by the Emir and elected MPs, of favouring personal interests over paying the debts of state-owned Kuwait Airways Corporation, which is being prepared for sale.

“It is strange to see personal interests continue to determine the fate of KAC, or how else can we justify the failure of paying the company debts owed for state departments as per an Amiri Decree issued in that regard?” Al Hashem said.

She said there were rumours that a government official was secretly trying to establish an aircraft ground handling company, which she claimed would push KAC to bankruptcy.

Meanwhile it also was reported that a number of MPs were preparing to grill Minister of Planning Rola Dashti over allegations that he lobbied the government to consider buying Boeing aircraft after KAC already had announced a deal with rival Airbus.

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