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Kuwaiti traffic campaign aims to penalize through advice
March 21, 2015, 8:16 am

A Ministry of Interior campaign which aims to penalize traffic offenders through advice, called "Safety Speed," had a grand opening at Souq Sharq mall on Friday.

Founder and mastermind, engineer Ahmad Al-Sameea said that the campaign aims to help traffic police in spreading a "culture of traffic safety" amongst road users.

Road users found without any traffic penalties will be handed "a gift and a flower" at checkpoints in order to encourage them not to break the law, said Al-Sameea, who is a member of the local Corvette owners club.

On the other hand, offenders will be handed a "human" penalty rather than material, said Al-Sameea. They will be advised over the dangers of their offense to their own safety and the safety of others, he added.

As it is currently in initial phase the campaign was tipped by Al-Sameea to pick up and be more detailed over the coming years.

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